Inessa Kraft

Inessa Kraft

Actor (female)




    Inessa Kraft is a professional actress and model, with extensive experience in international films and worldwide ad campaigns. Sustainability, education, and connecting cultures are the main topics of Inessa's work and life. Inessa is focused on inspirational, educational, and travel films, videos and advertisement. Her works include - advertisement for Oman-Tourism for Euronews, award winning travel film "Snowing Summer", educational TV series for NHK channel Japan, advertisements for numerous hotels in Asia, Sharp TVC, Indonesia, PSA campaign for NGO Freeland #FreeLoris, and many others.Inessa is a location independent professional, in 2008-2016 she lived and worked in 13 cities all over Asia, since 2017 is based in Europe.

    Film catalogue

    Architecture Life Dialogue

    Architecture and life. What answers does one have for the other? What if we were to build our lives like we build sustainable houses: in harmony with our surroundings, consuming no artificially...

    • Comedy
    • English
    • 25 minutes
    • 2019
    Femme Feline

    A fashion short film featuring Ambre Jolie dresses. It follows a mysterious lady who explores the grounds of an old building, searching for clues on her mission to save the World. The beauty wins...

    • None
    • English
    • 02 minutes
    • 2014

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