Kazi Hossain

Kazi Hossain


    Email: kazisazzadhc2fc666cb921c39404254676d1b668c7@yahoo.co.uk

    Country of origin: United Kingdom

    Website: www.purplead.co.uk


    Kazi is London based film director and editor, particularly in emotionally engaging, narrative driven documentary as well as drama and music videos. Kazi is also available for corporate and commercial work and as a self-shooting director.His short films were played at film festivals. Two of his most highlighted documentary films were selected and played for Canary Wharf Film Festival in 2009 [www.cwff.org.uk] at Museum of London Docklands (Friday 4 Sep 2009).Kazi, as an animator, produces a number of commercial animations such as hand drawn animation, computer-generated 2D animations, 3D model-making animation, stop motion animation, Quick time Virtual reality (QTVR), etc. He uses After Effect software in his 2D animation to give extra 3D effect.One of his animated fairy-tale films 'Dalimkumar and the Princess' took place for competition in "Encounters" 16th International Film Festival 2010 and Virgin Media Shorts competition.

    Film catalogue

    Billingsgate Market

    A look at London's famous fish market and the wide variety of people who work there.

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 06 minutes
    • 2009