Kodjo Tsakpo

Kodjo Tsakpo


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    Country of origin: United Kingdom

    Website: www.kodjotsakpo.com


    Rigourous script development and a keen eye on the advancement of storytelling techniques have helped Kodjo to hone his continual growth as a filmmaker. Since graduating in Film & TV Production from Bournemouth University in 1999, he's worked with broadcasters in the UK and US, the UK Film Council, South West Screen and many industry craftspeople in developing the tools and techniques responsible for getting his work screened and honoured in London, Berlin, Mexico, New York and L.A.Whether it's film or TV, Kodjo is compelled toward character driven dramas that explore the fragility and strength of human nature when challenged with the exotic or unfamiliar. This; intertwined with themes that engage and concepts that intrigue, make for exciting and fulfilling drama. To this end, he's currently developing short, feature and TV projects with producers and writers and, as the next twelve months look increasingly productive, he's looking forward to the fruit of these labours and of further collaborations in the future.

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    A simple road trip becomes a journey of revenge after a motorist, still mourning the untimely death of his daughter, happens across the man who apparently 'predicted' her death...The film was...

    • Drama
    • English
    • 11 minutes
    • 2008

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