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    Kristin R. Thomas has accomplished more within the state lines of North Carolina than what often takes many within the L.A. city limits years to accomplish. From precocious film buff as a child to a self-made film student in college, with a voracious appetite for knowledge of the celluloid kind, is it no wonder that Thomas now calls the shots at her own production company: MountainGirl Productions. Right out of college at Appalachian State University, Thomas got a job at Cutters Production as a Production Assistant and Executive Assistant. While working at Cutters Productions, Kristin knew her heart belonged to films. In faith, Thomas quit her job and the next day started working as a Producer for a feature film. Not looking back, Kristin Thomas started producing Independent films and specializing in product placement for films, television, web series, Broadway plays, photo shoots and music concerts. Thomas is the Executive Producer for an upcoming LGBT travel web series "Trip Out" and also Executive Producer for upcoming International television series "The World's Most Dangerous Race." ´╗┐Kristin continues to provide product placement and corporate sponsors to filmmakers and event coordinators around the world for ALL Audiences

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    We The People

    Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement racism is still a top social concern in America. Incidents in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Florida sparked revolutionary protests nationwide and gained...

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 70 minutes
    • 2017

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  • Kristin Thomas I love establishing product placement deals for Indie filmmakers worldwide. I'm a lucky girl and feel blessed to do what I do every day

    28th Sep 2017