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    Country of origin: United Kingdom



    My favourite thing in life is to learn from others by observing and listening.As a child I would find and keep stories from people like other kids collect seashells. Nothing could stop my curiosity and languages quickly became a tool to open more doors, more minds. With time the need to share the stories and create connections grew and led me to become a story teller. Making documentaries fuels this passion, by capturing this moments for others to experience.I am currently producing and directing the video web series HUMAN POSTCARDS. Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. www.humanpostcards.comI made a Tedx talk about the project:

    Film catalogue

    The Base

    The base captured life inside the hidden world of London's mysterious and mercurial rickshaw riders. Cloistered in a tunnel beneath London's bustling business district, "the base," as it is...

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 347 minutes
    • 2014
    “The most beautiful thing that happened to my life”

    Iñaki is a boy from New Zealand. We spent a day with him, probing his 8-year old mind with questions about philosophy, life, the future and Legos.We asked Iñaki the question "What's the most...

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 60 minutes
    • 2015

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